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Asteria gold wrap bangle


Asteria "the goddess of the stars"  With a love and infatuation for Astrology, we often look to the stars for guidance and comfort.  

Amethyst the stone of protection,  and wisdom we believed to be the most fitting to work with in this collection, as both are there for our protection.

We wear our Asteria jewellery to remind us to always reach for the stars, and to channel into our Goddess powers. 

‘Remember to make a wish upon your star”


Asteria gold wrap bangle

Screenshot 2017-07-24 13.20.41.png
Asteria bangle
Screenshot 2017-07-24 13.20.41.png
Asteria bangle

Asteria gold wrap bangle


Low in stock

Hand crafted- 925 silver gold  plated 22ct amethyst stone responsibly sourced from Brazil. 

Amethyst is known as a stone of protection- please see our crystal page for more details. These stones have been naturally cut so may vary in size, we believe it keeps each peice even more unique. 

Remember to make a wish upon your star. 

Please see our jewellery care to keep the sparkle in your TRIIA treasures. 



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