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Maya Necklace Silver edition


Maya is the Nepalese word for love and this collection is all about love and protection. Working with two of our favourite stones; Rose Quartz for love and Amethyst for protection. This collection is to represent balance in ones life, hence our use of both sacred crystals.  Reminding us to always channel into our ying and yang energies We believe the two stones together can create even more magic. 


Maya Necklace Silver edition


Maya Necklace Silver edition


New in our Maya necklace designed to balance and comfort the Chakra’s.

Handcrafted on 925, Rose Quartz sourced from Madagascar, Amethyst from Brazil.

This necklace has been designed with the intention of balancing our Chakras giving one love and protection were needed.

Rose Quartz sits at the centre for the heart chakra and sacral chakra at lower waist, to remind us to be very gentle and loving to ourselves, Amethyst our power stone for protection and wisdom from the heart up reminded us to channel into our intuition.

Affirmation - I am love, I am loved, and I am protected.

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