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Lapis Compass Ring


We thought in this collection, that we would let the crystals do the talking. Their natural beauty shines through.  So much of our inspiration for our designs comes from the very crystals that we use and their properties. 

Not only does the concept of love and protection resonate with our core values but the very crystals embedded in each peace. 

Lapis Compass Ring


Lapis Compass Ring


Lapis compass ring, circle eddition handcrafted on 925 silver, 18k gold plated, Lapis sourced from Afghanistan.

Lapis is said to be the sone of truth, one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began. 

Its deep celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty, honour, gods, and power, spirits and vision. 

Used to to connect to the throat chakra helping one express oneself. 

Available in sizes 6 & 7, please state at checkout your preference.

Please see our Jewellery care, to keep the sparkle in your TRIIA Jewellery.

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This ring is available in sizes 6 & &, the two most popular ring sizes please state at checkout what ring you prefer.