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Our Maya Love bracelet gold edition


Maya is the Nepalese word for love and this collection is all about love and protection. Working with two of our favourite stones; Rose Quartz for love and Amethyst for protection. This collection is to represent balance in ones life, hence our use of both sacred crystals.  Reminding us to always channel into our ying and yang energies We believe the two stones together can create even more magic. 


Our Maya Love bracelet gold edition

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IMG_8010 2.jpg
IMG_9271 2.jpg

Our Maya Love bracelet gold edition


New to our Maya family range, these bracelets hold a special place in our heart. 
In March of this year I was on my yearly trip to Nepal, to visit the girls of Maiti Nepal and involve them in the design of the Maya bracelet during a two day workshop. These girls are in rehabilitation, having been rescued by Maiti Nepal from trafficking gangs operating across Nepal and India.

The bracelet with the lotus flower represents inner strength, - it is one of the most significant symbols in Buddhism and Hinduism. 
The lotus flower still manages to bloom in muddy water, representing an unbreakable flower that survives and thrives in the harshest circumstances. Our signature Amethyst for protection is in the centre surrounded by Rose Quartz for love.

In our country we are so fortunate to have a voice, yet many women in other countries do not have this luxury. I believe if we were all to do acts of kindness and little things to help that we could all together help protect the innocent and very vulnerable women of the third world. 
100% of the profit going to Maiti Nepal from sales of the Maya bracelet.

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